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Store Task Assignment

Quickly and easily set up new projects, assign and share tasks, add comments and notes, share file library and calendar, send and receive notifications. All data is synchronized across all your team members and devices. Work seamlessly on many different platforms including Desktop, Mobile, iPhone, iPad.

Because of Hitask’s extensive project and task management features and ease of use, it is the task management tool of choice for more than 700,000 customers since 2006. Hitask is highly secure and conforms to enterprise level security standards.

Use Hitask to organize groups of tasks into projects, and arrange them using tags and colors. You can quickly and easily assign tasks to individual team members and share them with your entire team. You can even include both private and shared tasks on the same schedule.

- Clear design to let you focus on tasks without distractions and learning
- Assign tasks to your team members
- Share tasks and projects with your team
- Grant permissions on specific tasks and projects
- Add comments to tasks and use chat for team collaboration
- Receive email and push notifications when a task is assigned, changed, or comment added
- Easily add files, images and share file library
- Hierarchical task organization, sub-tasks
- Use Tags and Task colors to arrange and organize tasks
- Unique task numbers for issue tracking
- Shared team calendar that synchronizes across time zones
- Time tracking: record time spent on individual tasks
- Reporting: produce powerful reports on task and project progress
- Easily create new tasks by sending email to your Hitask account address
- Google Calendar synchronization
- Outlook synchronization
- Use Hitask anywhere with iPhone, iPad, Mac or any browser

Simplify project management, save time and improve your team's productivity with Hitask today.
Check out hitask.com for more information.

Launching a single new product can cost between $100K and $1.5M in market research, branding, packaging design, PR, social media, and cooperative advertising. Product launches and promotions are intended to be a significant source of increased revenue. However, the time and money manufacturers and retailers invest in new product introductions and other go-to-market plans often go to waste. Retailers typically complete only 40-50 percent of their strategy as intended to stores. Inconsistent execution across the retail chain results in a loss of 2-5 percent of annual sales. Retailers can recover this loss in 21 weeks or less.

The negative impact on revenue is just one example of how inconsistent store-level execution hurts a retailer’s sales and brand. Every day corporate asks stores to complete training, promotions, price changes, loss prevention initiatives, merchandising resets, and other tasks. Many retailers rely on a collection of obsolete tools such as email, portals, conference calls, and 3-ring binders in an attempt to communicate their plans to stores.

These tools create numerous challenges:

  • Communications overload to store managers besieged by un-prioritized emails, corrective emails, forwarded emails, phone calls, and more. Store managers waste time going to multiple places trying to determine what to do and searching for the latest information.
  • Inability of corporate, regional, and store managers to track completion status in real time and manage by exception to identify and correct areas of underperformance and missed deadlines.
  • Lack of visibility by corporate planners into store workload and the inability to perform “What if?” evaluations to shift project and task launch/due dates in alignment with the retailer’s priorities.
  • Difficulty in streamlining communications to target specific information to the right stores and roles, resulting in inefficiency due to information being blasted to everyone in the retail chain, whether it pertains to them or not.
  • Lack of two-way feedback to help the retailer respond to trouble areas in mid-stream and correct future missteps. Suggestions for improvement usually disappear into a black hole and are not used to drive continuous improvement.

Retailers of all sizes have solved these problems and more by implementing Reflexis Task Manager™. Read More...

Reflexis Task Manager replaces the confusing myriad of communication methods retailers use today to improve efficiency, boost compliance rates, and increase sales and profitability:

  • Store managers view a prioritized to-do list in their web-based daily planner. They instantly know what task to do and when to do it, with all required information in one place. When information changes, the system flags and updates the task or project as to the presence of new information.
  • Corporate, regional, and store managers can track completion status in real time with color-coded charts and graphs so they can manage by exception and correct areas of noncompliance.
  • Distribution lists based on store brands, departments, roles, and attributes (size, operating hours, sales volume, etc.) simplify the creation and communication of specific information to exactly the right people. Others in the organization are no longer bothered with tasks and communications that do not pertain to them.
  • Closed-loop, two-way feedback to proactively respond to trouble areas and prevent repeat mistakes in the future. Corporate planners can view post-completion survey responses and free-form text suggestions to support continuous improvement.

All this in a system where the user interface is configured to show data and views that are appropriate to a user’s role in the organization, whether task creator, approver, manager, or associate.

Reflexis Task Manager combines the beauty and simplicity of a world-class user experience with an intelligent engine to tell your stores what they really need to know to help them sell better. Associates can view tasks on tablets or mobile devices and execute them efficiently to provide the best possible customer experience. Corporate planners, regional and store managers, and associates improve productivity and are freed from the previous hours per week of busy work to spend more time providing leadership and helping customers. Precious time is returned to serving shoppers in the aisles.

Below are a few of the benefits and Return on Investment (ROI) numbers retailers have experienced after implementing Reflexis Task Manager:

  • Delhaize America lowered shrink by $14 million, reduced product recall completion from 5 days to 2 hours, and reallocated over $1 million a year in labor savings
  • The Home Depot increased customer transactions by 9.4%, increased average ticket price by 4.9%, and improved product recall compliance to 99.9%
  • Vera Bradley experienced a 95% reduction in emails to stores, eliminated 10 mail inboxes per store, increased task compliance from 40% to 99%, and returned more than 90,000 hours to store managers to get on the floor to help customers and train associates

With this in mind, we focused on three pillars when developing our best-in-class task management solution:

  • User Experience: At Reflexis, we believe that the user experience your retail task management solution delivers is as important as its functionality. The newest version has been completely redesigned under the guiding principle that associates should find the solution intuitive and learn how it works within minutes.
  • Intelligent Engine: If an associate sees lots of tasks on their screen, which ones do they tackle first? Should they guess? Should each of them go to the Store Manager and ask which tasks have the highest priority? No.

Reflexis Task Manager enables corporate planners to prioritize projects in alignment with overall retail strategy. Store team members know exactly what to do, and when. They can easily filter and sort tasks by due date, priority, and other characteristics. No more guessing what to do and when.

Task Manager also lets associates know if something important comes up. If the system is notified of a product recall, then that task can take precedence over other tasks the manager or associate is doing.

  • Action at your Fingertips: Task management solutions should remove the guesswork from daily store operations. The interface combines tasks and alerts with best practice actions. Reflexis Task Manager goes beyond typical store system dashboards by making it simple to determine what to do and exactly how to do it. Optimized for use on iPads and other tablets, store managers and associates view alerts and notifications while standing in the store aisles. They know how to respond to changing conditions without having to spend time walking to the office and searching for information on a desktop computer.
    • “How to?” dialog boxes teach associates how to complete tasks. Whether this is a recall, a product launch, or another task, Task Manager gives associates a step-by-step process to follow so they can orchestrate perfect retail execution.
    • “Act Now!” is where exceptions show up. This is where critical tasks show up that must be tackled immediately. This is how Reflexis Task Manager ensures stores have perfect product recall compliance and keep running smoothly when emergencies arise.

With a solution that improves retail execution by leaps and bounds, stores can boost sales and cut costs. By turning corporate retail strategy into reality within stores, Task Manager gives stores the upper hand in competing with pure-play online retailers. It allows stores to execute on corporate’s vision and provide the best possible customer experience. And best of all, Reflexis has repeatedly implemented our solution in 21 weeks or less of work for some of the world’s largest retailers. We typically implement our task management solution for mid-sized retailers in 3-5 weeks. In just a short amount of time, retailers can improve top-line sales while improving productivity and delivering a better shopping experience.

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