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Aplia Answer Key Homework 8 Single-Sample

If you are not taking an economics course, please disregard this part of the configuration test, as it is a test to see if you can run economics experiments. If you are taking an economics course, please continue to read.

Please note: If you can't launch an experiment that is scheduled to begin within the next 10 minutes, we strongly recommend that you contact your instructor immediately. You should inform him or her that you will not be able to participate in the experiment. If you are in a computer lab or are in close proximity to another student from your course, you may be able to observe the experiment. Otherwise, you can proceed to troubleshoot the problem as described below.

When you tried to run the configuration test, you may have received a warning message stating that Port 2222 was blocked. Port 2222 is the gateway your computer uses to access game programs on the Internet. Our experiments are types of games, so if Port 2222 is blocked, you won't be able to run them. To unblock this port, you'll need to modify the firewall settings on your network or individual computer.

You may want to refer to your instructor to verify that your class will be participating in experiments. If you will not be participating in experiments, you will not need to pass the connection test or change your firewall settings for Port 2222. Failing the connection test will not affect your ability to access and submit answers to your Aplia assignments.

Networked Computer:

If you are using a networked computer (e.g., a computer located in a lab or library), please let us know the location of your computer and administrator contact, and we will provide the administrator with the necessary information to allow Aplia unrestricted access to this network. Please refer to the For IT Professionals section of our Support information page, which is located on our corporate website at https://www.aplia.com/support/sysreq.jsp

Individual Computer:

If you are using a computer that is not on a network, a security setting on your computer's local firewall is blocking access to this port. Since firewall configurations can be highly customized, you will need to refer to your firewall user manual and/or technical support to properly modify the settings or temporarily disable the firewall. Please note that you will have to assume all risks associated with disabling the firewall; Aplia assumes no responsibility for any unintended consequences that could result.

If you need additional information to resolve this issue, please contact us via e-mail and we will be happy to assist you further.

Но ТРАНСТЕКСТ не был обычным компьютером - его можно было отформатировать практически без потерь. Машины параллельной обработки сконструированы для того, чтобы думать, а не запоминать. В ТРАНСТЕКСТЕ практически ничего не складировалось, взломанные шифры немедленно отсылались в главный банк данных АНБ, чтобы… Сьюзан стало плохо. Моментально прозрев и прижав руку ко рту, она вскрикнула: - Главный банк данных.

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