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Essay On Failure To Report

Failure of the Education System Essay examples

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Our education system today is in a state of flagrant disrepair. Educators rely on outdated modes of instruction to teach children. Instead of examining these methods administrators spend time and effort developing more intensive assessments in hopes of fueling more intense learning. In order to successfully impact learning teachers must begin teaching in ways that guarantee to impart new knowledge. Brain-based learning is a newer concept in education that addresses the specific needs of a learner’s brain in order to maximize learning. Brain-based learning as defined by author and educator Eric Jensen is “the engagement of strategies based on principles derived from an understanding of the brain,” (2010, p.4). Because educators do not…show more content…

Brain dominance For many decades people have been considered to be either right or left side dominant in regards to brain function which came with defined roles such as “creative” or “analytical”. This thinking tends to be over-simplified as most people use their entire brains daily (Jensen, 2010). On the other hand people do use different parts of their brain for different tasks according to how they perceive those tasks. In order to thoroughly engage learners and their specific brain dominance it is important to discuss subject matter with a big picture approach and then to discuss the details. This will involve learning from the left side as the small details flow into a larger subject. The right side of the brain will also be engaged when learning a subject through visualization of the big picture. In today’s school systems subjects tend to be taught the same: different subtopics are broken up and taught at different times until all material is covered. The big picture of the new material is not usually united to the many small groups of details that create it. This makes learning much more challenging instead of a natural reaction that teachers should strive for.
Brain rhythms “Biocycles influence overall physical strength and body temperature, immune system, alertness, and even memory….The bottom line is tat every brain varies

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3. Fixation on External Measures for Failure.  

This ties in with Item #2, but is a more understandable mistake that people make.  It's hard to have sympathy for someone who gets denied to an elite MBA program because they write, "My biggest failure was sitting in my boss' chair in a meeting" or "my biggest failure was not understanding that this guy from this other country was going to be unethical and rip me off."  Come on.  However, we can sympathize with people who drop the ball simply because they confuse an external measure for being an appropriate gauge for failure.  Here's the rule of thumb: a failure should be measured by the weight of your guilt and shame, not by the ramifications felt by others.  Here are two examples to illustrate this: 

Example 1- "My greatest failure was the time I worked 72 straight hours and, in a state of total exhaustion, put the decimal in the wrong place on page 120 of the report, costing the company $100 million." 

Example 2- "My greatest failure was the time I ruined a relationship with my best friend because I valued short-term thinking and convenience, rather than doing the right thing." 

In the first example, a company lost $100 million.  In the second example, a friendship was broken up.  Obviously, if we are going by external stakes, the first one sounds like a much bigger deal. However, external stakes don't dictate the magnitude of the failure.  Being a selfish friend because you are too absorbed in your own life is a much bigger personal mistake than putting the decimal point in the wrong place simply because no human being can work for 72 hours straight.  

4. Improper Focus on Lessons Learned.

This error goes both ways: some essays transition way too fast to lessons learned (basically skirting right past the mistake) and others never make the transition.  You must have proper tone and balance in this essay.  Stand on your own two feet rand be honest about making a mistake, but don't forget to explain how you learned from it.  From the "best friend" example above, that essay has to transition to "I learned to prioritize people over my schedule and to make decisions with a long-term view."  If you don't eventually say what the crushing failure taught you, why are you writing about it?  If the growth isn't on display, we can (must?) assume that it either didn't make an impact (meaning the internal stakes weren't high enough) or you are still doing the same things (obviously disastrous).  

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