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Gw Mba Essay Review

Applying to business school may seem overwhelming, but the GWSB admissions team is here to help. As you complete your MBA application, our admissions staff is ready to provide you with the support you may need. While we cannot provide evaluative feedback during the application process, please don’t hesitate to contact our office with questions about completing your application.


Admissions Process:

Application ­– Complete your online application and submit all supporting application materials. You may make changes and edits to your application at any time prior to submission. Once submitted, your application will be reviewed only after the admissions office has received all supporting application materials.

Interviews – After you submit your application, the Admission Committee may contact you to schedule an interview. Interviews are granted on an invitation-only basis and only after we have evaluated your submitted application. Learn more about the interview process.

Decisions – Decisions are released according to the round to which you apply. See the complete list of rounds to find your expected decision date. Wait-listed candidates will automatically be considered in the next round of applications.

Application Fee Waiver

Graduate Admissions will waive the application fee for students who are alumni or current members of the following programs:


To take advantage of this fee waiver, you should complete your entire online application. Once you reach the payment screen, email the admissions office at [email protected] to make a fee waiver request. Please include your full name and the email with which you have applied. Once our team processes the request, you will be notified to submit your application.


Contact Graduate Admissions

Official transcripts and questions regarding the MBA program should be directed to the Graduate Admissions Office:


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School of Business
The George Washington University

Duques Hall, Suite 550
2201 G Street NW
Washington, DC 20052

From George Washington University: 

Graduate students at the internationally renowned School of Business at the George Washington University in downtown Washington, D.C., have the advantage of being in the exciting center of the nation’s capital — within walking distance of the White House, the World Bank, the State Department, and the International Monetary Fund, not to mention a high concentration of headquarters and offices of thousands of national and multinational corporations, non-profits, and non-governmental organizations. 

The graduate programs in business and management at the School of Business (GWSB) are internationally acclaimed and provide highly respected M.B.A., M.S., and Ph.D. degree programs that give job candidates a strong competitive edge in the marketplace. As leading business practitioners, the GWSB faculty members bring the real world of finance, business, management, and entrepreneurship into the classroom. On average, GWSB graduate students enter the program with 5 years of work experience in many diverse professional backgrounds such as multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and the military.    Students also come from a variety of industries including finance, education, consulting, government, international development, and non-profit management. 

In keeping with its mission statement, the George Washington University School of Business delivers an outstanding education, advances knowledge, and provides practical experience in diverse organizational settings, leveraging the unique advantages of the Washington, D.C., location. As a result, GWSB helps students to become productive and principled members of society.

A Washington, D.C. icon, GWSB offers a variety of M.B.A. degree programs customized to students’ needs for full-time, part-time, and online graduate studies. Graduate students can also choose from 7 specialized master’s degrees in accountancy, business analytics, finance, government contracts, information systems, project management, and tourism administration.


The School of Business at George Washington University offers a variety of graduate M.B.A. degree programs both on campus and online.  The portfolio of programs includes a 2-year full-time curriculum, a multi-year part-time option in both cohort and self-paced formats, and a curriculum that combines classroom and experiential training. Graduate students can also pursue one of 7 specialized master’s degrees in accountancy, business analytics, government contracts, finance, information systems, project management, and tourism administration. The school also offers several joint-degrees, certificates, and cross-discipline curricular coursework. 

To ensure the most effective educational experience for M.B.A. degree program students, faculty members typically use a combination of lecture, case method, project work, simulations, client work, group papers, and presentations.  


Not only do GW students learn concrete business skills, but they also get a front-row seat to see — and experience — how business is conducted. GW is located just a few blocks away from global institutions like the World Bank and IMF, as well as thousands of global businesses and non-profits. This proximity allows for a level of involvement and activity, and students gain access and experiences that simply cannot be matched. They’re afforded the opportunity to work as consultants, researchers, and interns throughout the city, and make an impact in politics, business, and government. It’s because of this that GW is able to attract business leaders like Ben Bernanke (former chairman of the US Federal Reserve) to teach and engage with students, allowing them to learn first-hand about how business can impact organizations and society.


They are diverse in age, race, experience and background, but share the same thirst for knowledge, and drive to affect the world. As one of the most internationally diverse student bodies in the world, the student body of GW brings a wealth of insights, perspectives, and experiences into the classroom.

What separates GW students is their pervasive entrepreneurial spirit, and how they work to affect bottom lines, as well as society. Such is evident in the GW Business Plan Competition Finals that culminates a yearlong series of educational workshops and mentorship on an innovative venture creation. The competition awards over $100,000 in cash prizes to teams of students, faculty members, and alumni.


GW’s curricula provides proficiency and influence in the global economy: where worldviews, products, and ideas interchange. Through collaborative and experiential learning, students acquire traditional business skills and mesh them with an ethical focus. 

Graduate and undergraduate programs give students the freedom to personalize their educations and carve out their niches. Students also have the choice to earn dual degrees with unique concentrations.

GW’s programs and location grant access to people and resources not available elsewhere. Whether spearheading a Five-Year Economic Development Strategy for the District of Columbia, or consulting a leading automotive manufacturer in India, the students gain the essential, real-world experience needed to succeed in today’s job market.

At GW, students’ academic life is rich. They have opportunities to engage in research at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, and their interaction with professors is lively and thoughtful. The university’s professors, often world-renowned experts in their fields, teach against the backdrop of our nation’s capital, a city rich in intellectual resources, as they empower the next generation of leaders. Courses unfold in small classesrooms, seminars and experiential learning initiatives.

GWSB is renowned for its international business programs and the hands-on opportunities our students receive. Many schools concentrate only on India and China, and yes, GWSB has students there as well.  We also have students in Argentina, Turkey, Rwanda, Ghana, Serbia, and Vietnam – just to name a few!

It’s easy to understand why so many students are drawn to George Washington’s M.B.A. degree program. For starters, with its “focus on the global economy and global business,” GW has a “good reputation for international business.” Beyond the international bent, GW places an “emphasis on [both] social impact and social enterprise.” And it’s also known for doling out “generous aid packages.” Additionally, GW’s accelerated M.B.A. degree program has proven to be especially valuable to professionals in the DC area. This is because it “allows students to complete their M.B.A.s  in 2 years while working full-time.” And, fortunately, the “cohort style class[es] and highly structured curriculum…allow for strong connections to be formed and rigor to be maintained” despite the part-time nature of the program. 

By and large, GW M.B.A. students are pleased with their instructors. Indeed, the university is told that the “professors with real world business experience are outstanding.” And most professors hold “students to high standards, efficiently manage class time, keep students engaged, and pair appropriate assignments with in-class learning.” Unfortunately, the administration is in a time of “transition.” Hence, some students report that “things are not running as smooth[ly] as they could.” However, others insist that the “administration works very hard to help students [and to] meet their requests and desires.” Finally, these M.B.A. students give their facilities high marks, noting “the business school building itself is a modern, state-of-the-art facility with several breakout conference rooms for students and technology wired classrooms.”


We are acutely aware that our students are not simply here for an academic credential but a professional degree that will serve them well in the real world. And serve them well, indeed: GWSB students go on to exciting, fruitful careers in the upper echelons of everything from consulting, finance and industry to government and nonprofit management and more. Given the select opportunities to network both within the school and throughout the DC area, GW’s Global MBA students uncover a path that promises professional fulfillment—and fulfills professional promise.

We don’t just believe in giving our students a head start in their careers, we practice it: Before you even set foot on campus, you will work directly with the seasoned career consultants at GWSB’s F. David Fowler Career Center. Starting with virtual career advising appointments and online instruction throughout the summer and proceeding to in-person consultations, they will assist you in developing your network and preparing you with lifelong career management skills.

Our students work and/or intern at top firms such as; Booz Allen Hamilton, Citibank, Deloitte, ExxonMobil, General Electric, IBM, Inter-American Development Bank, The World Bank, The International Monetary Fund,  Johnson & Johnson, the US Government, and many others. 

Indeed, “GW is in perfect position capitalize on key industries in the area (consulting, IT, government, hospitality, international business, etc).” Certainly, students have “amazing access to local resources such as congressmen, government officials, foreign dignitaries, lawyers, lobbyists, and business leaders.” And for prospective students anxious about networking, fear not; George Washington is the place to be! As one second-year student boasts, “There are so many opportunities for networking here– every week we have a new panel discussion, lecture, networking event, etc. I have met so many professionals in the area that have helped me create a better strategic plan and have connected me with others that can help.”


The cohorts at George Washington are “relatively small by business school standards.” And this is an attribute that students here relish. Indeed, the size “creates a very close-knit student body.” Moreover, the atmosphere fostered is one of collaboration and students say their peers are “very friendly and helpful.” As another second-year student further explains, “While the work can be heavy at times, everyone is friendly and wants others to succeed. No one tries to be cutthroat, although some students are [definitely] more ambitious than others…[Ultimately,] people want the best for everyone.”

Outside of the classroom, both GW and DC provide plenty of stimulation and distraction. For example, “there are plenty of networking activities and clubs, and there are trips planned during school breaks…that are affordable and fun.” Additionally, “there are a number of bars on or nearby campus that are great for happy hour and congregating after class.” Of course, life is a tad more hectic for part-time students. As one knowing M.B.A. candidate shares, “…school revolves around classes, parking, and anything that adds to the convenience of classes. We’re an overbooked group of folks who are adept at getting things done quickly—and well. It’s tough to keep up at first, but once you join the race, it’s a whirlwind of fun…I’ve had my share of sleepless nights and [difficult] projects, but I learned a ton and I wouldn’t trade this experience for any other.” Overall, M.B.A. students at GW declare life to be “great!”


Admission to GW’s School of Business is competitive. The school tends to take a well- rounded approach so academic performance, test scores, work experience, personal statements, interview performance, and letters of recommendation will all be closely analyzed. GW prides itself on the diversity of its student body so applicants of all backgrounds are welcomed and encouraged to apply. Finally, interviews will be granted by invitation only.

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